Kris Jenner Reveals How She Convinced Kylie To Let Her Tag Along On Her Megayacht B-Day Trip

Kris Jenner Reveals How She Convinced Kylie To Let Her Tag Along On Her Megayacht B-Day Trip

Apparently, Kris Jenner didn’t get an automatic invite to Kylie Jenner’s European water cruise, according to the momager herself. Kris revealed how she ended up on the megayacht on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden.’

What do you get a billionaire on her birthday? That’s the question James Corden, 41, asked Kris Jenner, 63, on the Sept. 10 episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden. While Kris’ answer was a “regular old handbag,” her real present seemed to be acting as a tour guide on Kylie Jenner’s trip along the European coastline for her 22nd birthday in August! Anyways, that’s how Kris scored a seat on her daughter’s rented megayacht. Kris revealed that prior to the trip, Kylie hadn’t vacationed along the coastline — something Kris had already checked off her bucket list.

“So I didn’t want her to do it for the first time — you know, she’s been to Europe for work, like for a day or two. But she’s never gone for a vacation,” Kris explained to James. With that reasoning, the momager persuaded Kylie to let her mom tag along for the adventure across the pond. Kris quoted herself telling the makeup mogul, “Well, you need me, that’s why I gave birth to you. You need me on your birthday!” It was a solid argument. “So I convinced her first that she needed me on the trip,” Kris concluded.

Earlier in the interview, Kris gushed that the trip was “so good” and was “really fun.” Her boyfriend Corey Gamble, 38, also came along — there’s a video of him dancing on the deck with Scott Disick’s girlfriend, Sofia Richie — and Kris gave her beau a shout-out on The Late Late Show! We already knew Kris was having a good time, though. Corey playfully grabbed her bum while yachting by Monaco on Aug. 16, and Kris even enjoyed a shopping trip with Sofia in Portofino, Italy on Aug. 13. Kris also spent family time with her granddaughter, Stormi Webster, 1!

Now that Kris is back to business in Los Angeles, she has switched out her boat-friendly wardrobe for chic office attire. The mother of six looked ready to expand her family’s empire in black pleated slacks and a sharp blazer while heading out for dinner at Craig’s on Sept. 9. She did throw in a wildcard piece, however: a sheer blouse, which gave a peek at her lacy black bra!

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