Kylie Jenner is Wearing A Juicy Tracksuit in The Year of Our Lord 2017

Kylie Jenner is Wearing A Juicy Tracksuit in The Year of Our Lord 2017,

In 2016, Juicy Couture went from having a renaissance moment to a full-blown comeback. The brand released a new collection of sweatsuits, proclaiming “#TRACKISBACK.” Mila Kunis announced she was developing a sitcom based on the lives of the Juicy Couture founders. High-end ready-to-wear brand Vetements collaborated with Juicy, resulting in $1,050 velour pants. And Kim Kardashian appeared wearing the iconic tracksuit on a magazine cover.

So it’s only logical that all of these cosmic elements would align to lead to this moment, in the first month of 2017:

Oh, Kylie. You love to keep me on my toes! I’m always guessing what the heck it is that you’re wearing.

Initially, I thought this was a pair of extremely high waisted Juicy pants, which really defeats all my previous expectations of the incredibly low sitting classic Juicy suits and, to be quite honest, feels against the law. However, then I wavered and realized maybe it’s a jumpsuit. But then you posted this front angle.

Ah yes. It appears you are wearing a velour top and pants set from the Vetements x Juicy Collaboration, which costs approximately $1640.

Well, I guess no one ever said the early 2000s fashion revival would come cheap.

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