Lakeith Stanfield Interview: Self-Isolation, New Music, and Hollywood’s Dark Side

Lakeith Stanfield Interview: Self-Isolation, New Music, and Hollywood’s Dark Side

I’ve been listening to a lot of instrumental music, getting into a vibe. When I went to Costco, I was playing The Walking Dead’s theme song. It’s kind of funny when you ride through the streets and it looks so post-apocalyptic. It kind of just calms you.

How have you been processing everything otherwise?

I’ve been quite alright. I’ve been using the opportunity to just do a little bit of self-reflection. I’m having some fun with it, not giving into the hype and the fear of it all. Just using it as an opportunity to do some things I haven’t been doing much of, like cooking, internal dialogues with myself, working on music, being inspired by the hysteria in a strange way, and just talking to the people who I’m close to. In the normal hustle and bustle of the day, I would usually never have time to speak to them. Now I’m on the phone with loved ones and stuff like that.

But I’ve also been thinking about how many people don’t have that luxury and can’t use this time like that and who are panicking. It’s made me think of the state of affairs in our society at large, how greedy we’ve been and how greedy we can be.

Has it made you want to make any changes?

It’s made me think about ways I could have something of value to say. It’s made me think about my own health, and moving so quick, and moving towards a point of ambition where sometimes people forget about the small, important things. And that’s kind of what “Fast Life” is about—being caught up in the lights and the glimmer of things. And within the dance of life sometimes not stopping to smell the roses.

Can you take me through what was going on with you when you wrote the song?

My Boy, Roach—that’s his whole name, My Boy, Roach—sent this instrumental to me, and I was just driving around L.A. in my car and put it on. It stood out to me. It sounded great, and it made me think about all the more luxurious parts of my lifestyle. And what it has become over time. How I started out having not very much but I ended up having my dream car, living in the places I always wanted to live, and having access to all these extracurricular things and people and places. So it inspired me to step outside of my experience and experience it from a perspective that was larger than the life I had experienced. I imagined being in a tuxedo in a very fancy place and dancing. And it also made me think about abuse and addiction, which is why this record’s about drug use and things of that nature.

The biggest inspiration I find is just inside. Viewing inside, and turning shit. Looking in there and seeing what’s going on with a lot of the many conflicts I have—love and trust and lies and deceit and everything I might be going through. That’s where the sauce is at.

I recently wrote a song that has to do with being in the space and place in the world to feel okay and confident about yourself and moving forward without fear. In a time like this, people need to understand that fear doesn’t do anything to help us survive. It makes us more chaotic. Having a song about me feeling confident about myself hopefully can make other people feel confident. Let’s share that. We’ve got enough of the other stuff.

What are the stories behind some of the other songs and experiences on the album you’re putting together?

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