Laura Veirs – “I Was A Fool”

Laura Veirs – “I Was A Fool”

Laura Veirs’ folk music is usually fussed-over and intricately constructed, like on her most recent album, 2018’s The Lookout, but for her new song, she’s releasing what amounts to a first draft, recorded on her phone during a particularly trying time as her marriage was failing.

The resulting track, “I Was A Fool,” is painfully cathartic, a confused admission that love can indeed leave us feeling incredulously foolish. “Was I really loving you?” she sings. “In October and May/ Every night and every day.”

“My marriage was falling apart. I was strumming my guitar and I felt a song coming on. Normally songwriting for me involves editing and fussing before the song feels ‘right’, but not this time,” Veirs explained in a statement, continuing:

I grabbed my phone and recorded this song as it wrote itself — it came out this way, completely formed and realized. It’s a rare thing for this to happen to me. I’ve released 11 albums, and this is the first song I’ve released that I recorded myself, in the moment, on my own.

Listen to it below.

“I Was A Fool” is out now via Raven Marching Band Records.

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