Leafy Returns To YouTube For 1st Time In 2 Years To Call Out IDubbbz & Fans Go Wild — Watch

Leafy Returns To YouTube For 1st Time In 2 Years To Call Out IDubbbz & Fans Go Wild — Watch

Fans couldn’t believe the video they saw when Leafy seemingly returned to Youtube to throw some major shade at IDubbbz with a 30 second clip that mostly featured IDubbbz’s own content!

After Leafy left YouTube in December 2017, fans waited patiently for more content from the online figure. On March 31, fans finally got the video they had been craving. Leafy, born Calvin Lee Vail, quietly returned to YouTube with no warning, and uploaded a video calling out another YouTuber, idubbbz. In the video, idubbbz chronicled his own drama behind-the-scenes. Idubbbz shared with his own fans that his significant other had made an Only Fans account where she could upload amateur adult films. “And I think all of it is cool,” idubbbz confessed. But as the YouTuber continued with his explanation, the video froze and the audio cutout. Finally, Leafy’s voice was revealed, and he had a message for idubbbz.

“Dude, you’re a f**king c**k,” Leafy could be heard saying. The video then quickly cut to black with the words “YouTube is still sh*t” written on the screen. The song “Angel of the Morning” by Juice Newton could also be heard in the background. Fans immediately took to the video’s comment section, celebrating Leafy’s return and stoking the drama even further. “Here come drama alert ? title: LEAFY IS FINALLY HERE,” one fan commented. “He rises from the ashes like a Phoenix and he’s ready to burn,” another chimed in. And the video has been a long time coming.

Leafy left YouTube in December 2017 after quickly becoming one of the platform’s most popular personalities. Although he first set up his account in 2011, Leafy didn’t start posting content until 2013. Most of his videos focused on reactions and video games. At his channel’s peak, Leafy earned well over four million subscribers to his account. Though he left in December 2017, that number has barely wavered.

The YouTuber never gave a reason for his sudden departure, but fans did notice that, leading up to his last video, his uploading schedule started to slow down. Leafy also essentially abandoned his Twitter account, which hasn’t seen much activity since May 2017. Now, it seems he’s slowly returning to YouTube and fans cannot wait to see what he does next.

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