Legendary Seventh-Tier English Player Chugs Beer After Goal

Legendary Seventh-Tier English Player Chugs Beer After Goal,

What a photo this is! @corbytownfc enjoying a well earned drink – super shot @AlisonBagley1! pic.twitter.com/ePCm8bNzlw
Pitchero Non League (@PHNonLeague) February 11, 2017

Playing sport makes you thirsty. This is science. Beer is wetalso science. So Jason Lee was only acting in accordance with the laws of nature after his side Corby Town scored a goalby taking down a mid-match pint to celebrate.

Before you get all huffy about the responsibility of a professional athlete, Prude-y VonPruderson, Corby Town is in the seventh-tier Northern Premier League, which is basically a rec league. This man was just having a good old laugh. And very well he should haveCorby Town snuck out a 1-0 win Mickleover Sports yesterday, thus pulling them up from the relegation zone. The only real question left is how that kid got his hands on two pints…

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