Lifetime’s 2019 Holiday Movies List Includes a Record-Breaking Number of Films

Lifetime’s 2019 Holiday Movies List Includes a Record-Breaking Number of Films

Is everyone ready for the most wonderful time of year? Lifetime certainly is, and the network just announced the Lifetime holiday movies 2019 list this week. As of 2018, the highest number of original movies the network had released in a single season was 23. This year, they’re breaking their record once again with 28 original movies, each cozier and more deliciously dramatic than the last. Their holiday movie season “It’s a Wonderful Lifetime” runs from October 25 through December. So really, we’re just in time to start scanning the list and picking out our favorites.

This year’s holiday movies will have plenty of familiar stars, drawing from the casts of hit TV shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Sister, Sister, The Cosby Show, Desperate Housewives, Night Court, The Secret Life of an American Teenager and — of course — One Tree Hill. The plots seem like typical Lifetime fare: an equal mix of far-fetched romance and wholesome family fun, with a dash of learning about the meaning of Christmas.

Let’s face it: The holidays are great for lots of reasons, but they can also be exhausting. By the time December rolls around, nothing sounds better than crashing on the couch with a feel-good Christmas flick. And that’s exactly what these movies are perfect for — so, let’s dive in!

A Very Vintage Christmas

A+E Networks.

A Very Vintage Christmas stars Tia Mowry-Hardrict (Sister, Sister) as Dodie, the owner of a store called Very Vintage Antiques. Dodie discovers a hidden gem in her shop: a box full of romantic mementos. She decides she needs to track down the original owners and convinces her new tenant, played by Jesse Hutch (Cedar Cove), to help her look. As they get closer to the answer, they also get closer to each other.

Radio Christmas

A+E Networks.

Starring Tim Reid (Sister, Sister) and Keshia Knight Pulliam (The Cosby Show), Radio Christmas tells the story of DJ Kara Porter, who runs a holiday music radio station. Desperate to make her show more successful — and forced to relocate to Bethlehem when her radio station shuts down — Porter puts her mind to uncovering the town’s “Secret Santa.” Along the way, she learns much more about herself (and Christmas!) than she bargained for.

The Road Home For Christmas

A+E Networks.

This movie follows two rival musicians: Lindsay (Marla Sokoloff from The Practice) and Wes (Rob Mayes from John Dies at the End). Naturally, the two end up taking a long road trip together to their nearby hometowns, after finding themselves both without a gig on Christmas Eve. Naturally, hilarity and adventure ensue as they’re on the road, with plenty of Christmas-themed hijinks and a surprise performance in Nashville. But the final test is a wild snowstorm in which they must rely on each other to make it through — who knows how they’ll come out the other side.

Christmas Reservations

A+E Networks.

Starring Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina the Teenage Witch) and Ricardo Chavira (Desperate Housewives), Christmas Reservations tells the tale of a romance rekindled between Holly the event coordinator and her college sweetheart — now a widower. When he arrives with his two kids at the ski resort where Holly works, an epic love story follows (or so we assume).

A Christmas Wish

A+E Networks.

Calling all One Tree Hill fans! This movie will star Hilarie Burton and Tyler Hilton — AKA Peyton and Chris. It’s not quite the One Tree Hill love-fest that last year’s Christmas Contract was, but we’ll definitely take it. A Christmas Wish also stars Megan Park (Secret Life of an American Teenager), who plays Maddie: A woman who takes part in their town’s tradition of placing a Christmas wish inside a wooden box at the town square. The wish is for her sister Faith to finally fall in love — and when a handsome stranger named Andrew comes to town, it seems her wish could be coming true.

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