Lil Pump announces that he’s quitting music: “I’m done”

Lil Pump announces that he’s quitting music: “I’m done”

Lil Pump has announced that he’s retiring from music.

The Miami-based rapper shot to fame with his 2017 song ‘Gucci Gang’, and most recently released his ‘Harverd Dropout’ album last February.

Taking to his Instagram Stories, Pump posted a photo alongside the simple caption: “I’m done doing music I quit.”

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It’s not clear yet how serious the statement is, and some recent retirement announcements have been rescinded within weeks, namely Nicki Minaj, who announced she was retiring to raise a family last September, before appearing on PnB Rock’s new song ‘Fendi’ just three weeks later.

Early last year, Lil Pump removed “racist” lines from a new song after a public backlash. A line in ‘Butterfly Doors’ featured a derogatory slur towards Asian people.

“They call me Yao Ming ‘cause my eyes real low, ching chong,” he rapped on a video teasing the new track, but when the official video for ‘Butterfly Doors’ was released online, the controversial line was entirely omitted.

Pump also made headlines last year when Portishead’s Geoff Barrow accused the rapper of sampling him without permission on “deeply fucking sexist song” ‘Racks On Racks’.

A two-star NME review of ‘Harverd Dropout’ said: “During the rare moments where things do click on ‘Harverd Dropout’ – see the Lil Wayne-assisted ‘Be Like Me’, which is very much a revamp of ‘The Real Slim Shady’ for 2019 – it’s easy to see the uncomplicated appeal of Lil Pump, and you realise it’s probably not worth overthinking.

““Everybody wanna be like Pump / Everybody got fake dreads and love to take drugs,” he raps, before adding a couple of lines later: “Yes, I’m hella ignorant, I don’t give a fuck”. At least he’s self-aware. You have to give him that.

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