Mischa Barton's Meltdown in Play For a Full Year

Mischa Barton's Meltdown in Play For a Full Year,


0126-mischa-barton-tmz-02Mischa Barton was on a downward spiral for nearly a year before it became so bad this week she agreed to check herself into a hospital psych unit.

Mischa lives in an apartment building in West Hollywood and neighbors say she’s made it impossible to live in peace and quiet. They say she frequently had crying fits on her patio, screaming nonsense at the top of her lungs.

They say she would regularly sit on the patio in the middle of the night and watch Netflix, cackling as loud as she could. They say the patio was strewn with garbage.

And the neighbors go on … they tell us Mischa had wild parties that sometimes lasted for days. And, they say, she has a dog she would frequently neglect, leaving it outside and unattended for long periods.

As we reported, police came to the apartment this week after getting a call for an OD and possible jumper. They found Mischa emotionally out of control and took her to a nearby hospital.


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