Model/Actriz – “Damocles”

Model/Actriz – “Damocles”

Back in 2017, the Brooklyn quartet Model/Actriz released a debut EP called No. Then they went quiet for a while, going off to reimagine their sound a bit. Recently, they reemerged with a single called “Suntan,” a roiling track that boasted a brooding aesthetic drawing equally from punk, dance, and noise. Now, the band is back with the single’s companion, “Damocles.”

“‘Damocles’ is about situations that never resolve; that when going without something one is left to yearn, and when the desired outcome is finally obtained paranoia sets in that it can all be dissolved instantly,” the band said when describing the song. Something that never resolves, it turns out, is a good way to sum up the particular air of anxiety Model/Actriz capture in these new singles.

The two songs definitely feel of a piece with one another. “Damocles” uses the same eerie, percussive sounds as “Suntan” for its backbone and it has a similar sense of tension. “Damocles” propels itself forward, steadily intensifying while also working as a catchy, unnerving song you can’t quite shake. Whatever release is offered mostly comes in the ruptures of its chorus, but otherwise it finds that lack of resolution, leans into it, and makes a kind of paralysis sound transfixing. Check it out below.

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