Mom reunites with missing homeless daughter after spotting her on TV

Mom reunites with missing homeless daughter after spotting her on TV

When Alice Crawford (first row, 2nd from the right) disappeared in Denver, Colorado, her family flew in to form a search party, finding her living on the street. (Photo: Courtesy of Jill Rosenow)

A homeless young woman, who was missing for months, is back with her family after her mother spotted her on a local television news interview.

Earlier this month, Rosenow was forwarded a news video from 9 News, in which her daughter was interviewed on camera. “This is death weather. If you’re not prepared for this, you’re going to die,” Crawford, identified by her full name, told journalist Marc Sallinger. The young woman had given her coat to a friend, who was also freezing.

“I sleep behind the dumpster because you stay out of the wind and some of the snow doesn’t fall on you,” said Crawford, adding, “We don’t even sleep at night. We have to wait until the sun is out to sleep because we’re too damn cold. You have to constantly move around.”

Rosenow tells Yahoo Lifestyle that watching the news story was “one of those most heartbreaking moments of my life. I cried seeing her that vulnerable on camera.”

Five family members, spread out across North Dakota, Washington state, and California, flew to Denver on Nov. 12, including Rosenow’s mother, who walks with a cane. After calling Sallinger for help, they learned that the interview took place across the street from Civic Center Park. “That was our starting point,” Rosenow tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

The family split up, staking out the park, a local McDonald’s that Crawford was rumored to frequent, the 16th Street Mall, Union bus station, and a homeless shelter where Rosenow sat across from with a pair of binoculars to watch the front door. “Some days, we’d be on the streets until 2 a.m.,” she says.

Jill Rosenow’s step-sister, Theresa Brown (far left), with Rosenow’s stepmom in the middle, and Rosenow’s daughter Alice Crawford (far right), who was found homeless in Denver. She has now been reunited with her family. (Photo: Courtesy of Jill Rosenow)

Walking through the park at night where many in the homeless community stayed, Rosenow and her mother learned that Crawford had once spent the night in someone’s tent. “People were willing to look at our fliers and pray for us,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Some said they wished their own family members would search for them. That resonated so deeply.”

On Thursday, while in the mall parking lot, Rosenow received a phone call from her step-sister, Theresa Brown. Crawford had been found in Union Station.

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