New ‘Sims 4’ Tiny House Expansion Makes Going to Bed An Existential Terror

New ‘Sims 4’ Tiny House Expansion Makes Going to Bed An Existential Terror

Killing Sims in elaborate ways is an age-old tradition. While Sims now have the ability to climb out of a pool without a ladder (dammit), the latest expansion—Tiny Living—has introduced a new murder weapon: a Murphy bed.

My first introduction to the Murphy bed was watching one repeatedly crush Muppets in The Great Muppet Caper. I wanted one immediately. It still seems like an efficient way to murder and dispose of all my enemies.

In The Sims 4, Murphy beds are basically the only way to make the new Tiny House residential lots functional. Tiny houses have three tiers of tiny-ness, each of them offering their own benefits to offset the hurdle of living in such a small space, like lower bills or learning skills faster. A small house uses 100 tiles, a tiny house uses 64 tiles, and a micro house uses only 32 tiles. A bed in The Sims 4 is 2×3 tiles, taking up a significant amount of space, so unless you want to put your toilet in the bedroom, you’re gonna need a Murphy bed so your Sim can have a reasonable amount of space to live their life.

This space-saving solution comes with a price: Every time a Sim sleeps in a Murphy bed, there’s a chance that they’ll be crushed by it. They might also be crushed by it when they pull it down. If they’re just bonked by the bed, they’ll get a debuff to their mood because of their discomfort. There is a chance they’ll die, though, making bedtime like a game of Russian roulette. Sims YouTuber James Turner managed to die the very first time the bed malfunctioned:

I normally don’t get excited about new deaths in the Sims because I’m a freak who loves playing happy families who have a nice time. This one death is an exception. All my houses, tiny or not, will now have Murphy beds. I need to teach my Sims to fear their god.

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