Nick Cave Says No One Has Bought His Erotic Wallpaper

Nick Cave Says No One Has Bought His Erotic Wallpaper

Back in August, music legend and anti-wokeness activist Nick Cave began selling erotic wallpaper from his new Cave Things webstore. Featuring Cave’s doodle of “the Hyatt girls” — so named because he originally sketched it on Hyatt hotel room paper — the 50 cm x 10 m digital print can be applied directly to the wall, “no soaking needed.” It has not been a hit.

In a new feature about Cave Things in the Financial Times, Cave says he has not sold one roll of the Hyatt girls wallpaper, which retails for £200 and is printed with pink ink. “My favorite thing is the Hyatt Girls pornographic wallpaper, made from drawings of naked women I have doodled in hotels down the years. It’s a lovely thing — and so far has sold zero rolls. I am immensely proud of designing a product that literally nobody wants!”

Cave also spoke about putting himself out there more and more through channels such as his newsletter the Red Hand Files and his Conversations With Nick Cave Q&A tours. “I gave up the idea of a private life years ago, you know, protecting myself. I am just who I am. People can take me or leave me. I am not holding much back. All that obfuscation and mystery, it’s exhausting and unnecessary.” And he spoke about the genesis of Cave Things, which, of course, is related to the lockdown that kept so many of us stuck at home for most of 2020. “The pandemic allowed me time to get organized. Out of that came a torrent of things — from the sublime to the ridiculous. But beautiful things too! Cave Things has become a mysterious, subversive, super-playful enterprise where anything can happen.” OK!

Check out Cave Things here if you so desire.

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