Nicki Minaj ‘Determined’ To Have A Baby With Next Boyfriend — The ‘Clock Is Ticking’

Nicki Minaj ‘Determined’ To Have A Baby With Next Boyfriend — The ‘Clock Is Ticking’, Nicki Minaj Determined To Have Baby

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Nicki Minaj is on a mission to motherhood! The bootylicious rapper is ‘determined’ to have a baby with her next boyfriend, as she feels her ‘biological clock is ticking.’ It’s game on for which hunk will be able to win her heart, so read on for the EXCLUSIVE details.

If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again. Nicki Minaj‘s, 34, dreams of motherhood may have not come true with Meek Mill, 29, but hey, there’s plenty of more fish in the sea. “She’s not pregnant but she wants to be — and she is determined that her next boyfriend will be the father of her children,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “She feels that her biological clock is ticking fast.” We love that Nicki is planning for the future and putting her desires first, now all she needs is a sexy hunk to sweep her off her feet.

But where did this craving to have children come from? Well, our sources tell us that Nicki has always loved the idea of being a mom, but now that Beyonce has come out with her twins announcement, the “Anaconda” hottie’s ovaries are kicking into overdrive. Some fans believe Nicki is actually JEALOUS of Queen B’s amazing news, and think she shaded the expectant mother by posting her own (fake) pregnancy picture. The timing of Nicki’s post definitely raised some eyebrows, and the fact that she’s also wearing sexy lingerie suggest she’s targeting Beyonce.

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By now we know that the Trinidad native isn’t preggo, but her Feb. 4 Instagram post totally threw us for a loop. Days after Beyonce’s big reveal, Nicki shared a photo of herself with a massive baby bump! Our jaws immediately hit the floor, and that’s BEFORE we read her confusing caption. Luckily, we were able to decode it, but we’re still confused as to why Nicki would post a fake pregnancy picture online.

HollywoodLifers, which Hollywood hunk do you think Nicki will have babies with?

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