Oli Herbert: 5 Things To Know About All That Remains Guitarist, 44, Who Has Tragically Died

Oli Herbert: 5 Things To Know About All That Remains Guitarist, 44, Who Has Tragically Died

Rest in peace, Oli Herbert. The guitarist and founding member for All That Remains has sadly passed away at age 44. As we mourn his passing, here’s 5 things to know about the late rockstar.

It’s a sad day for metal fans. On Oct. 17 we received the heartbreaking news that Oli Herbert, guitarist for All That Remains, had passed away. The surprising news comes after the 44-year-old musician had just helped his bandmates finish recording a new album, and excitedly shared promo posts for the record on social media. While minimal details are available at this time, his bandmates were able to confirm his death on social media. As the music world mourns his passing, we’re sharing all that you need to know about the late musician.

1. Oli had been with the band since their inception.

Oli was a co-founder of Massachusetts metal band. He started the group back in 1998 with former Shadows Fall vocalist, Phil Labonte, and has appeared on each of the band’s nine records.

2. He had smarts behind all that talent.

Oli actually attended school for music, and held an associate’s degree in Classical and Jazz Guitar, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Music Composition.

3. The guitarist will be featured on the band’s forthcoming album, Victim of the New Disease.

Before his death, Oli had been hitting the recording studio with his bandmates, and his final LP with the group is due out November 9.

4. He was close with his bandmates.

Oli’s bandmates were rocked by his death, and shared a heartbreaking statement with fans about his passing. “We were devastated to learn that Oli Herbert, our friend, guitar player, and founding member of All That Remains, has passed away. Oli was an incredibly talented guitarist and song writer who defined Rock and Metal from the Northeast. His impact on the genres and our lives will continue indefinitely,” they wrote on Instagram.

5. Oli began playing guitar at 14-years-old.

The beginning of Oli’s epic career as a guitarist can be traced back to high school. His first “paid” gig was actually with his school’s Battle of the Bands, on his final day of his senior year. His band won third place, earning $25.

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