Pete Wentz On The Myth Of ‘Folie À Deux’: “We Weren’t Booed Off Stage Ever For It”

Pete Wentz On The Myth Of ‘Folie À Deux’: “We Weren’t Booed Off Stage Ever For It”

Fall Out Boy frontman Pete Wentz has put the myths around ‘Folie À Deux’ to bed once and for all.

It’s modern fan-folklore: that Fall Out Boy hate their album ‘Folie À Deux’. Except it’s not true.

The myth originated almost 10 years ago, when a media interview blew out of proportion the fact that Fall Out Boy filled in for Weezer on a date of a Blink-182 tour, leaving Weezer fans disappointed. 

From there, the myth was further spread with allegations that the band didn’t like the album themselves- and that it was ‘Folie’ and the reception of Fall Out Boy fans to ‘Folie’ that drove them to a hiatus. 

Fast-forward 10 years, and this myth has continued to be spread as fact. But Pete Wentz has set the record straight. 

In a series of tweets posted in response to a fan, Pete has opened up about ‘Folie’, and that era, sharing “We def aren’t hurt about it and weren’t booed off stage ever for it- I wanna set that straight. I think there are ebbs and flows of every creative career… ‘FAD’ is one of my favorite albums of ours. I have the original painting of it I walk by every day… No one was booed off the stage. We filled in for Weezer on a Blink-182 show that they couldn’t play- there were Weezer fans there who were bummed Weezer wasn’t playing. That is where this whole booed off the stage mythology comes from.”

He also shared that he still has the original ‘Folie À Deux’ painting hanging in his house!

So that’s settled then. ‘Folie À Deux’ is great, and Fall Out Boy actually like it. 

Myth: Busted.

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