Premiere: Aja Invokes Fear And Bounce With “Demons, Witches & Bi**hes”

Premiere: Aja Invokes Fear And Bounce With “Demons, Witches & Bi**hes”

The hip-hop industry has gone without its first openly queer artist with a star bright enough to burn through gender or sexual stigma, but Aja plans to fill that void with lyrical ease.

Off the heels of their In My Feelings EP (May 2018), The RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Star contestant has released “Demons. Witches, and Bi**hes” for the pumpkin spice season. The Bedstuy-born rapper’s track feels like a sexy play on the American Horror Story theme song with a raunchy undertone as a welcome surprise. With a feature from Shilow, and the self-proclaimed Militant Black Queen, The Vixen. The track hits hard with an added dimension of two powerhouse queer voices. “Demons. Witches, and Bi**hes” marks the second collaboration the pair have worked together, the first being Shilow’s “Red Rhum.”

The song’s inspiration comes by way of two forces, Haters and Nicki Minaj. “When I started writing my first I thought about all the things I always wanted to say but never wanted to confront,” 24-year-old explained. “Such as when people made fun of my skin. I was very inspired by the lines in Nicki Minaj’s verse on “Monster” where she basically says “say what you want about me, but I’m doing 50K for a verse no album out.” That really spoke to me and I did both of my verses alluding to the fact that regardless of what they thought I’m killing the game.”

The non-binary artist and performer has worked diligently to make two worlds collide, bringing drag into the hetero-normative, masculine dominated world of rap. Aja has delivered a flawless execution proving they can run with big dogs.

Stream “Demons. Witches, and Bi**hes” below.

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