Samantha Bee explains why ‘more than a million’ mail-in ballots could be thrown out

Samantha Bee explains why ‘more than a million’ mail-in ballots could be thrown out

Wednesday’s Full Frontal with Samantha Bee tackled some of the more suppressive mail-in voting laws that will affect the 2020 U.S. election. While President Trump has ramped up rhetoric about mail-in voter fraud, Bee claims that Republican National Committee and Trump campaign are actively fighting voters’ rights.

“This year alone, the R.N.C. and Trump’s campaign plan to spend at least $20 million on legal battles combating voting rights,” said Bee. “They’ve brought litigation in almost every single swing state and, as always, they are doing it under the guise of preventing widespread voter fraud, which they still haven’t proven exists because it f***ing doesn’t.” 

Bee discussed some of the reasons that mail-in ballots are rejected, such as “naked ballots,” poor penmanship, voter signatures that may not exactly match those on file, and a litany of other reasons. She said, “Currently seven states require voters to obtain a witness signature to validate their ballots and, until recently, Oklahoma only allowed you to validate your ballot with a notary public.”

Bee claims that confusing and often subjective laws could have a massive impact on the results of the election. 

“More than a million votes can be thrown out this election,” said Bee, “Partially because mail-in voting rules are different in every state and are intentionally confusing as a 12-sided Rubik’s cube.” 

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