Scott Disick Spotted Browsing Engagement Rings At Jewelry Store: Proposing To Sofia Richie?

Scott Disick Spotted Browsing Engagement Rings At Jewelry Store: Proposing To Sofia Richie?

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie have serious staying power! The unlikely couple has been going strong for more than a year and the reality bad boy has never seemed happier. So, is he ready to wife her?

Scott Disick, 34, and Sofia Richie, 20, are clearly a great match. Not only has he tamed his wild ways for the much younger model, but he’s also managed to convince his ex Kourtney Kardashian to allow Sofia into the family fold.  And now, a source tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that the dad of three has been checking out some serious bling. Considering he was with Kourtney on and off for 9 years and they never tied the knot, it might seem kind of quick for him to put a ring on it. But when it comes to The Lord, there really are no rules.

“Scott was spotted earlier this week at Polacheck’s luxe jewelry store in Calabasas browsing engagement rings, diamond necklaces and other expensive gifts,” says our eyewitness. “Polacheck’s is the same high-end jeweler Scott has shopped at many times in the past and has surprised Kourtney with diamond watches and other gifts in the past. But this time it looked like he might have been shopping for Sofia. Scott came in alone and seemed happy about shopping for a gift for someone special. While he did not buy anything, he spent a lot of time looking at really big diamond engagement rings. The rings that he spent most time looking at and caught his attention must have been at least 5 carats or bigger, costing over $150k. The timing of his visit to Polacheck’s would be perfect for a Valentine’s Day proposal with Sofia.” So romantic!

If Scott does pop the question, it’s likely that he’ll have the Kardashians’ blessing. As HollywoodLife previously revealed, the entire Kardashian clan is relieved that Kourtney and Sofia have bonded. “They know her family and they’ve always liked Sofia so it’s much easier for everyone now that Kourtney and Sofia are friendly,” a source revealed. Sounds like they are all well on their way to becoming one big happy family!

Source : Allison Swan Link

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