skating in lagos with the wafflesncream crew

skating in lagos with the wafflesncream crew

Kofo, the shop manager of the WAFFLESNCREAM skate store in Lagos, Nigeria, is running late. They’d told me to meet them at the shop at four o’clock, but one of the boys, Gray, has left something at home and gone back to get it. Coco, the photographer with whom I work in Lagos, and I are already on our way and we arrive a little before four. The delay gives Coco the chance to have a nose around the shop; she’s already done plenty of clothes shopping but senses she might find something special here. WNC is a skate company and clothing brand, cut from a similar cloth as Supreme or Palace but run through with a Nigerian ethos and POV.

EA greats us at the shop. He’s a pop-up tattoo artist who travels around Lagos and holds studio sessions at WNC. Jessy, one of the skaters, is stretched out on the tattoo chair when we arrive. He has a sketch of a cross on his upper back. “It’s my first tattoo,” he says calmly. EA finishes his joint and gets to work. The shop crew amble over every so often to see how it’s going. Coco and I take pictures for Jessy to commemorate the occasion. While this is going on, Fahd, another skater, is prepping a board for a recent convert to skating. He shows him how to apply the grip and attach the wheels.

Wafflesncream Lagos Nigeria Skating


Text Carmen Hogg
Photography Coco Olakunle
Thanks to Siji Jabbar

Source : Carmen Hogg Link

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