Sling Offers Over 5,000 Movies and Shows – for Free!

Sling Offers Over 5,000 Movies and Shows – for Free!

Watch TV for Free on Sling

Want to watch your favorite television shows for free? No gimmicks, no credit card sign-ups? Sling is offering people limited access to to their massive library of movies and tv shows (we’re talking 5,000-plus films and shows), which includes such fan favorites as Hell’s Kitchen, Rick and Morty, and American Gods.

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Sling is no stranger to free offerings: as a kindness to, well, the world, they’ve been making some of their premium cable channels available to people for free during the lockdown, between the hours of 5 p.m. and midnight (EST). Unfortunately, that offer ends this weekend, but you don’t need to say goodbye to Sling for good, since their free service is still available to everyone with a computer and an internet connection, or a Roku, Amazon or Android device (iOS and tvOS users, be patient: Sling is working on an app for you).


We’re living in exciting times. The old subscription model of cable television, that reigned supreme for decades, is rapidly dying, replaced by cheaper, more personalized subscription services that (at least for the time being) have significantly cut down on advertising.

Take advantage of the moment and explore Sling’s massive content library. Free users will even be able to view what shows and movies are trending among Sling’s premium users, so you’ll always know what’s popular.

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