‘SNL’: Donald Trump Ends Government Shutdown For A ‘Hamberder’ On ‘Deal Or No Deal’

‘SNL’: Donald Trump Ends Government Shutdown For A ‘Hamberder’ On ‘Deal Or No Deal’

On ‘SNL’, Donald Trump decided to end the government shutdown for a ‘hamberder’ on ‘Deal or no Deal’! Watch the hilarious cold open here!

SNL is back, and it wasted no time in hitting the ground running. In a government shutdown edition of Deal or no Deal hosted by Steve Harvey, Donald Trump (portrayed amazingly as always by Alec Baldwin) played to take a deal to end the shutdown. Of course, the show was the “only format” Trump would understand: “a TV show with women holding briefcases.” Donald first rejected “normal, not like drunk on my own power or anything” Nancy Pelosi‘s deal of “$1 billion” and having to call Nancy his mommy. After getting in a back and forth where Nancy disinvited Trump to the State of the Union, and Trump canceled her trip to Afghanistan, Nancy responded, “Oh no, I can’t go on a vacation to a warzone, what will I do?” Also making an appearance was Mitch McConnell, who hid behind his suitcase before doing the Bird Box challenge, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, who was mistook for Cardi B, and then Cardi B who offered Trump “shmoney.” Eventually, Donald eventually decided to take the Clemson player’s offer: a “hamberder” per his now-infamous typo.

This being the first SNL back from the winter break, the last cold open aired by the sketch series was one of the best of the season. Donald Trump, played hilariously once again by Alec Baldwin, find outs what his life would be like if he weren’t elected president in a hilarious parody of It’s A Wonderful Life. Unlike the film it makes fun of, his life would have been much better had he not won the 2016 election in this hilarious sketch.

Of course, the best cold open of the season happened in the premiere. Matt Damon (who also appeared in the It’s A Wonderful Life sketch) portrayed “a keg is half full kind of guy,” Brett Kavanaugh. At one point in the sketch, Damon yelled, “I lifted weights every day… am I angry? You’re damn right! But if you think I’m angry now you just wait until I get on that Supreme Court and then you’re all going to pay!”  We’ll keep you posted with all of the latest I sketches. In the meantime, check out all of the most re

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