Spencer Dinwiddie nonplussed about role on star-studded roster

Spencer Dinwiddie nonplussed about role on star-studded roster

It takes a lot to strike the loquacious Spencer Dinwiddie speechless, but even he was caught off-guard by reports that he wanted out of Brooklyn. He laughed them off, calling the idea dumb – and saying the fact he took less to remain a Net proves just how silly it is.

“That’s funny. That’s a fair question, I guess. Once again, all the reports, I don’t know anybody that take less than market value to stay on a team that wants to be traded,” Dinwiddie said Friday via Zoom. “That would be bad for business right? That would kind of be really dumb.”

People can call Dinwiddie many things, but dumb isn’t one. Not the guy with the 1,400 SAT that got recruited by Harvard.

Though Dinwiddie, Caris LeVert and Jarrett Allen have all had their names tossed into offseason trade rumors, it’s the former’s ability to opt-out after this season that has him viewed by many as the most likely to be moved.

Spencer Dinwiddie
Spencer Dinwiddie

But Dinwiddie cites the hometown discount he gave Brooklyn on the three-year, $34 million extension he signed Dec. 2018 as evidence he’s happy with the Nets and whatever role they put him in. If that’s averaging career-highs of 20.6 points and seven assists before his last season was cut short by COVID-19, so be it. If it’s playing a Draymond Green-style stopper this coming year, fine.

“My role is my role,” Dinwiddie shrugged. “You try to do the best you can in every situation that you’re in.

“Last year, it turned into 20-7. This year, whether it’s sixth man, seventh man, Draymond, whatever you want to call it – we win a championship, that’s good for business. Taking something less than market value to be somewhere you don’t want to be? Bad for business. So we’re trying to make every move, good for business. That’s what we want to do.”

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