Steph Curry’s 9 Cutest Family Photos: See Pics With Ayesha & The Kids

Steph Curry’s 9 Cutest Family Photos: See Pics With Ayesha & The Kids

The NBA Finals are underway and that means we’re probably going to get adorable moments between Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry and his family. The NBA star’s family is just too cute.

Steph Curry, 31, and his family are the definition of #FamilyGoals. The Golden State Warriors player has been happily married to wife Ayesha, 30, since 2011 and they have 3 adorable children together: Riley, 6, Ryan, 3, and Canon, 11 months. Any time the Warriors hit the basketball court, especially during the NBA Finals, you know you’re going to see the cutest Curry family moments. Ayesha and the kids are frequently in the stands cheering on Steph as he effortlessly shoots those 3-pointers.

Steph and Ayesha’s oldest daughter Riley became a global sensation when she stole the show from her dad during a Warriors press conference in 2015. She made her big debut after Game 1 and then returned again for another news conference. While sitting with her dad, Riley showed off her sassy personality. She even quoted the Big Sean and Drake song “Blessings.” She grabbed the microphone and said, “Waaaay up, I feel blessed.”

Ryan and Canon have joined Riley to give us the Curry kid trio we’ve always wanted. Riley and Ryan are total BFFs. Riley is such a great big sister. Canon just arrived in July 2018. He’s got precious blue eyes and looks just like his dad. HollywoodLife learned EXCLUSIVELY that Steph is thrilled to have a son “He is so happy that he has raised two beautiful girls because that is only going to make his son that much more of a great person learning from strong and fun sisters that are looking forward to being big sisters themselves,” our source said. “Steph also loves that he isn’t outnumbered anymore. It’s been a dream, to say the least.”

The Golden State Warriors are currently taking on the Toronto Raptors in the NBA Finals. As the games continue, it’s almost a guarantee that Steph’s family is going to show up. His family must be his good luck charm. Since the Curry kids were born, the Warriors have won 3 NBA Championships.

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