Sufjan Stevens’s “Christian Nation” Piece Is Now an Op-Ed at the Washington Post

Sufjan Stevens’s “Christian Nation” Piece Is Now an Op-Ed at the Washington Post,

A few days ago, Sufjan Stevens spun out an eloquent piece on his Tumblr page, putting forth the Christian case against hatred and ignorance in the wake of Donald Trump’s election as President. This morning, that piece found its way to the Washington Post as an op-ed called “Stop repeating the heresy of declaring the United States a ‘Christian nation’.” If you didn’t get the chance to read the original, or even if you did, you should take a look at the whole thing here.

The piece is, as Stevens writes, a “friendly reminder,” but it’s forceful nonetheless, attacking the notion of a “Christian Nation.” It is, he says, “absolutely heretical. Christ did not come into this world to become a modifier. Look what happened to the Holy Roman Empire.”

You must eradicate all the corrupt, theological fearmongering they preach from the pulpit and from behind the political podium. Get real and get right with God. Go in your closet and pray for your enemies. You must take up the cross and follow that narrow path of sacrifice and love and service. You must love your neighbor, love your enemies, serve the poor, give everything away and put yourself last. This goes against everything the world has taught you, and it goes against your instinct and it most certainly goes against the laws of free enterprise and corporate interests. Money and power and governments are fraudulent and false gods. We must be in the world not of the world.

Again, it’s worth reading the whole thing over at the Washington Post. When a man like Sufjan Stevens is moved to grand, public declarations of faith, it’s worth taking stock.

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