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Jets get glimpse of their Trevor Lawrence possibilities

Jets get glimpse of their Trevor Lawrence possibilities

You either have a franchise quarterback, or you don’t.

The Chargers have theirs.

The 0-10 Jets are six more losses from theirs.

The Dream survived and advanced on Sunday: Justin Herbert versus Trevor Lawrence, now THAT would be a fair fight everyone would love to watch.

Gallant Joe Flacco never stopped fighting, never stopped flinging, but too little and too late is never a formula for victory.

Flacco somehow had this one last chance to try to overcome the wonder of Justin Herbert (37-for-49, 366 yards, 3 TDs).

The Chargers were in the midst of one of their inexcusable choke jobs.

One last chance, 32 yards from the chance to tie the game.

One last chance to be Joe Cool.

Incomplete at the goal line for Denzel Mims, hand-fighting with Tevaughn Campbell.

A give-up safety with one second left ended it, Chargers 34, Jets 28.

Maybe, if Flacco got to operate against the Kiddie Corps populating the Jets secondary and pass rushers stuck in molasses, it would have been a fairer fight. Maybe.

But that was no time for Jets fans to be Wacko For Flacco.

Justin Herbert
Justin Herbert talks to Quinnen Williams after the Chargers beat the Jets on Sunday.Getty Images

And now, Sam Darnold, if his shoulder allows him to return against Tua Tagovailoa and the Dolphins, gets six last chances to change the narrative on Lawrence and on Justin Fields and on the end of his tormented Jets career.

Herbert made it look like child’s play: 277 yards passing and two TDs by halftime. Pitch and catch with Keenan Allen (16-145-1 TD) anytime he pleased.

Only if Flacco had not thrown a disastrous pick-six.

Only if he had taken shots to his receiver, any receiver, in the first half.

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