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The Sweater Vest Is (Really, Truly) Cool Now

The Sweater Vest Is (Really, Truly) Cool Now

Once upon a time, a magazine like ours might have used the humble sweater vest as shorthand for poor style—a fusty, dorky relic that belonged on the golf courses of Florida retirement communities, the campuses of elite private middle schools, and nowhere else. And then fashion did what it always does, and by the same levers that made fanny packs cool and socks with sandals somehow sexy, sweater vests have been recast as a snappy, wholly unexpected style move.

Harry Styles is pulling them on over blousy dress shirts and big flowing trousers. Tyler, the Creator makes his own versions that look killer with crisp white tees and stiff Dickies. Ryan Gosling has been layering throwback geometric takes under his sharpest suits for years. Not a single dork, geek, or nerfherder in the bunch. Now, it’s time for you to join their sleeveless ranks and pull on a sweater vest: here are a handful of the raddest options to wear with everything from neckties to hoodies all year long.

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