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Problem – “Don’t Be Mad At Me (Remix)” (Feat. Freddie Gibbs & Snoop Dogg)

Problem – “Don’t Be Mad At Me (Remix)” (Feat. Freddie Gibbs & Snoop Dogg)

Problem is a veteran Compton rapper who’s had a bunch of moments of greatness over the years but who mostly remains a regional rapper. That’s not a bad thing! Regional rap is the best! Earlier this summer, Problem released the album Coffee & Kush Vol. 1, an extremely enjoyable collection of laid-back West Coast jams; the busy Terrace Martin served as executive producer. And today, Problem has dropped a new remix for one of its tracks, and he’s got a couple of veterans on it with him.

“Don’t Be Mad At Me” is a relatable song about trying to fix a fuckup and get your significant other to forgive you. (In the video, Problem makes things better by buying his girl a Lamborghini. That part is less relatable.) For the new remix, Problem actually gets two rappers who know how to mostly stay on-topic: California star Snoop Dogg and the great Freddie Gibbs, an Indiana native who’s now been living in California long enough to claim it.

This is a grown-man remix, with no rappers under the age of 35. (Gibbs is 38! Snoop is 48!) All three of them slide right into the song’s pocket. Gibbs is blustery and masterful, and he somehow turns an apology song into a whole lot of flexing. Snoop is all purring charm. Problem has fun. Good rap song! Listen to it below, and check out Problem’s video for the original.

Coffee & Kush, Vol. 1 is out now on Diamond Lane/Rostrum.

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