The 7 Sexiest Things Men Did Last Month

The 7 Sexiest Things Men Did Last Month

Welcome to Horny on Main, where each month horny expert Sophia Benoit will be highlighting the sexiest things men did.

Look, I can be a bit…hard on men. (Someone once got mad at me for a tweet saying that men can’t tell the difference between a clementine and an orange, which I stand by). Often, this is not without reason looks pointedly at magicians and elected officials, professions which are overwhelmingly male. But men do plenty of great, sexy things too, and I wanted to call attention to those.

Sure, typically the word “horny” is invoked exclusively in sexual contexts, but take it from me, a person who writes about sex on the internet, it’s very fun to apply it more broadly. As such, this will be a space of appreciation for emotional-horn, if you will, not just daaaaaaaaaamn-horn, like Joe Manganiello in the convenience store scene of Magic Mike XXL. (Which actually did make my heart feel light, too). Here are seven men who did hot and spicy things last month that made me rejoice.

1. Josh Gondelman’s hilarious new book, Nice Try, includes the delightful dedication to his wife, “To Maris, in hopes that having a book dedicated to her will make her enemies jealous.” Very “Alexis Ohanian wearing a D.A.R.E. shirt to Serena Williams’s tennis match. Personally, I’m waiting for my boyfriend to write a book dedicated, “To Sophia, who should talk even more, because she’s always right.”

2. Tyler Cameron, undisputed king of the Bachelor universe, admitted he got boners on dates. Should this delight me as much as it does? Probably not, but there is something so… quaint about a guy admitting to popping a boner on a date with his girlfriend. It’s like being in high school again, sitting on bean bags in someone’s parents’ basement and your friend admits that he’s not sure how condoms work because he moved the year they taught sex ed at his last school—something so vulnerable that everyone agrees not to make fun of him. It absolutely does not hurt that Cameron looks like what he looks like.

3. I’m adding a new carving in the Mount Rushmore of good celebrity Twitter follows beside mainstays Ice T, Lizzo, and Frankie Muniz (mostly for his tweets about Lizzo). Simu Liu, who, in case you didn’t know, got cast as Shang-Chi after tweeting at Marvel about it (okay, that’s not how casting works, but it’s a nice story). Anyway, his Twitter is full of fun videos and strong social stances and light jokes. When someone asked him to verify his superhero casting, he responded with, “If it’s not true then I am officially the victim of the greatest prank ever executed in the history of humanity.” It’s almost like he knows what the app is there for. Refreshing.

4. Jennifer Lynn Lopez, goddess of this earth, will shortly pick up her deserved Oscar for Hustlers and everybody knows it. A-Rod—whom she’s engaged to, in case you don’t keep up with Important News items—doesn’t just know it, he’s already in full-on celebration mode. He got her a god damn stripper cake! And the cake came with a note that said “Congratulations on Hustlers. So proud of you! Love hustling through life with you.” Everyone deserves a fiancé who orders them themed cakes for career accomplishments. (And who uses exclamation points). It’s sexy, and I never thought I’d find A-Rod sexy.

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