The Best Songs of 2019

The Best Songs of 2019

100 Gecs, 1000 GecsCourtesy of Dog Show Records

100 gecs, “money machine”

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100 gecs are an incredibly special band, and you know it from the second “money machine” starts. “Hey, you lil’ piss baby / You think you’re so fucking cool? Huh? / You think you’re so fucking tough? You talk a lotta big game for someone with such a small truck,” Laura Les spits over an overwhelming amount of distortion. If there’s a single song that can explain gecs (there isn’t, but hey, let’s pretend) it’s this one—a loud and hard-hitting track that careens wildly between early ’10s club rap, bubblegum, and harsh noise. Every time the bass hits, it’ll make your bones rattle (a good thing, we promise).—G.C.

Saweetie, ICYCourtesy of ICY / Artistry Records / Warner Records

Saweetie, “My Type”

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Saweetie’s “My Type” is one of the most ubiquitous hip-hop songs of 2019, and rightfully so. A light-hearted banger that samples a Petey Pablo hit, “My Type” is practically built to wedge itself in your head. America’s Saweetheart (I’m sorry) is quickly commandeering a lane for herself in a very crowded genre; all we can do is drift behind her.—L.L.

DaBaby, KirkCourtesy of South Coast Music Group

DaBaby, “BOP”

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There’s absolutely no subtlety to the way DaBaby raps. Every bar from him feels breathless, like he’s rapping as hard as he can 10,000% of the time. It’s not for a sense of urgency or anything, though; no, “BOP” is the sound of someone fully confident that they are the best in the game right now.—G.C.

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