The Best Watches You Can Buy for Less Than $500 in 2019

The Best Watches You Can Buy for Less Than $500 in 2019

Citizen Promaster Diver

Funny thing about dive watches: despite their ubiquity and popularity, no diver actually needs one anymore. Their original function has long since been rendered obsolete by modern dive computers. But, still, it’s nice to know that if you were to take a dip with your dive watch on, it’d survive and thrive in the depths. Citizen’s Promaster Diver is exactly the sort you wouldn’t need to think twice about before plunging below: water-resistant up to 200 meters, it runs on the watchmaker’s signature Eco-Drive movement—which is powered entirely by light and should last a literal lifetime. Doesn’t hurt that this thing is both rugged and handsome as heck, so you can wear it pretty much everyday in almost any situation and it’ll hold up physically and visually beyond all expectations. So, yeah, you might not need one as a diver, but you almost certainly do just as a practical, style-minded human being.




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