The changing face of Madonna

The changing face of Madonna The changing face of Madonna | Page Six

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Madonna is celebrating her 62nd birthday on August 16, and the singer is still keeping fans on their toes. Known for her constant evolution, the “Rebel Heart” is continuing to change her look all the time.

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Ms Ciccone

A bright-eyed Madonna at the age of 20 in 1979

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Madonna In New York

Decked out in one of the first of her many iconic looks in 1984

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Madonna on the set of the film Desperately Seeking Susan

On set of “Desperately Seeking Susan” in 1985

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Suddenly brow-less in 1985

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Stepping out with a porcelain complexion in 1986

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Grinning ear to ear in 1990

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With a blond pixie cut in 1993

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Madonna During 'Take A Bow' Video Shoot

Retro glam for her single “Take a Bow” in 1994

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The UK Premiere of 'Evita' In London

At the premiere of “Evita” in 1996

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Tied up in 1997

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Madonna At VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards

Posing in a sari in 1998

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Revolver Directed By Guy Ritchie Premiere In Paris, France On September 22, 2005.

Attending the premiere of “Revolver” in 2005

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Going retro during her “Confessions of a Dance Floor” era in 2006

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The Cinema Society and Dolce and Gabbana Host A Screening of "Filth And Wisdom"

Attending a premiere in 2008

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Visiting Malawi in 2013

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Celebrating her birthday all week long with an Instagram post on August 9, 2020


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