The Conners’ Premiere: What Happened To Roseanne Barr’s Character After Her Shocking Exit?

The Conners’ Premiere: What Happened To Roseanne Barr’s Character After Her Shocking Exit?

‘The Conners’ premiere revealed what happened to the character of Roseanne Conner in the wake of Roseanne Barr’s firing earlier this year. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Conners picks up two weeks after Roseanne’s funeral. The family is still in the grieving process and trying to make sense of what’s happened. The first morsel of information we get about what happened to Roseanne is from Mary, who tells Mark that his “heart can attack you like Granny Rose” if he doesn’t eat healthy food.

Jackie gets a call from the coroner’s office, and Roseanne’s true cause of death is revealed. Roseanne died of an overdose, not a heart attack. She OD’d on opioids. Dan, Darlene, and Becky are absolutely shocked by the news. Roseanne had gotten knee surgery, but Dan had taken her pain pills away two days after surgery. Becky reveals that she found pills in Roseanne’s closet. The pills were not prescribed to Roseanne, but to a woman named Marcy Bellinger.

Dan is understandably devastated over his wife’s death. He’s been sleeping on the couch ever since Roseanne died in their bed. Jackie and Darlene begin finding pills all over the house that Roseanne had hidden. Marcy shows up to the house and fully admits she gave Roseanne pills.

Marcy says that Roseanne told her that she needed the pills so she could get back to work quicker. Dan wants to place all the blame on Marcy, but Darlene stresses that Roseanne was getting pills from lots of people. Her drug problem was far bigger than anyone ever knew. Dan and Darlene try to come to terms with Roseanne’s death. “I still need her,” Darlene says. Darlene and Jackie share a moment in the kitchen as Jackie goes through the cabinets. “I don’t want to leave this house because I don’t want to leave her,” Jackie cries.

The episode ends with Dan finally getting back in his bed. Roseanne’s side of the bed is neatly made, but Dan messes it up to make it look slept in. The final moments show Dan putting his arm around Roseanne’s pillow, like he always did every night with Roseanne.

The Conners is a spinoff of the hit series Roseanne. The Roseanne revival was cancelled in May 2018 after creator and star Roseanne Barr, 65, tweeted racist remarks about former President Obama, 57, aide Valerie Jarrett, 61. In a tweet that has since been deleted, Roseanne wrote: “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.” Roseanne apologized, but ABC fired her and cancelled the show. In June 2018, ABC greenlit The Conners without Roseanne. The Conners is the next chapter for these beloved characters, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

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