‘The Eric Andre Show’: The “Benevolent Terrorist” Himself Chats About Season 5’s Wildness

‘The Eric Andre Show’: The “Benevolent Terrorist” Himself Chats About Season 5’s Wildness

The first time I watched The Eric Andre Show, I felt like all of the flimsy talk show sets after Eric Andre is done with them: Destroyed. I was very familiar with Adult Swim’s general brand of anarchist, deconstructive, and overall wild comedy (Joe Pera excluded), but Andre takes it to another level with his absolute, and literal, destruction of the form. Blending talk show tropes, variety show gags, and some of the gnarliest hidden-camera stunts you’ll ever see into a wild, 11-minute package, The Eric Andre Show reaches bonkers heights of surreal comedy and then pole vaults over them.


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I was lucky enough to chat with Andre on a one-on-one Zoom call to get into the nuts and bolts of the latest season of The Eric Andre Show. We talked about his new look for the season (completely hairless, naturally), the comedy heroes who’ve influenced him, the lack of attempting to be mean to people in his hidden-camera pranks, his status as a “benevolent terrorist” and “human cartoon,” the Season 5 stunt that threw him in the hospital (John Cena was involved, naturally), his peculiar chemistry with Hannibal Buress, how he recruits celebrities like Macaulay Culkin to get involved, and much more. Plus: We talked about his upcoming hidden-camera feature film Bad Trip, how Tiffany Haddish is the perfect comedy performer, the surrealism of voice-acting in the new The Lion King, and how he “deep throated a burrito” for Connected. Yep. No further context needed.

Check out our full interview with Andre below. The Eric Andre Show season 5 comes to Adult Swim October 25. For more on Andre, here’s where his Bad Trip movie is heading on streaming.

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