the home teams

the home teams

Across the United States, baseball is celebrated for bringing together entire cities under one team emblem, inspiring a collective spirit and powerful sense of belonging simply through repping their team’s iconic monogram. It is through this powerful lens that i-D and Gucci present the house’s fashion collaboration with the Major League Baseball. From Harlem bikers to the new San Fran club kids, we’ve invited three diverse underground scenes to rep their home city and explore the bonds that tie them. i-D sat down with each crew’s team captain to discuss their pride in repping their city’s MLB monogram and how belonging to a team has shaped their personal identity.


Rep your home team

Whether your home turf is in Harlem, Echo Park or The Castro, or the spaces in between, search out your team colours in the new collaboration and get repping your family.

Discover the Gucci collection, in collaboration with MLB, worn by the Pittsburgh Pirates


Director/Photographer Cara Stricker
Senior Creative Georgina Bacchus

Director of Photography Ryan Marie Helfant
Assistant Director Kate Branom
Choreographer Holly Blakey
Styling Akeem Smith
1st AC Rachel Batashvili
2nd AC Josh Reyes
Film Loader Rachel Gwozdz
Stedicam David Ellis
Gaffer Pat O’Callaghan

Executive Producer Laura Galligan
Producer Chloe Mina
Production Coordinator Jacob Gottliebb
PA/Driver Chris Herity
PA/Driver Ellen Kozarits
PA/Driver Brian Hochberger
PA/Runner Ryan Hall

1st Photography Assistant Eduardo Silva
2nd Photography Assistant Chris Olszewski
Colourist Jaime O’Bradovich and Sean Coleman @ COMPANY 3
Editor Steven Ross
Retouching Post Apollo

Casting Director Sarah Benjamin
Casting Assistant Joie Duke-Ryan
Talent Wranglers Natalie Yang and Jeff Sparks
Stylist Assistant Kenny Paul
Stylist Assistant Derek Brown
Hair Stylist Evanie Frausto
Hair Assistant Ava Mihaljevich
Hair Assistant Shanice Fields
Make-up Artist Raisa Thomas
Make-up Assistant Keyanna Morrison
Make-up Assistant Ivelisse Rosado
Make-up Assistant Shideh Kafei
Props Stylist/Set Designer Taylor Horne
Props Assistant Seairra Miller


New York dirt bikers: Wheelie Queen, Evan, Troy, Tyler, Roman, Alicia Mason and Spirit. Los Angeles dance crew: Jasmine Perri, Sade Keinu Austin, Jaira Anne Miller, Kaili Hoonanea Jamie Bright and Mia Shlakman. San Francisco arts scene: Jaavon Lidell Martin, Tiffany Mccoll, Elin Victoria Radziminsky and James Patrick Doyle. Pittsburgh Pirates: Darren Lin and Sean Pantea.

Gucci / MLBP


Joy by Kadhja Bonet c/o Fat Possum Records

Source : Created with Gucci Link

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