‘The Mandalorian’ Episode Release Schedule Revealed Ahead of Premiere

‘The Mandalorian’ Episode Release Schedule Revealed Ahead of Premiere

If you’re keen to know more about what Lucasfilm is serving up with The Mandalorian, the first live-action Star Wars TV series coming to Disney+, you’re not alone. Over the weekend, a select group of journalists were invited to a junket where they saw the first 27 minutes of The Mandalorian‘s premiere episode and later offered up their reactions online. Now, we’re getting even more exciting news about this hotly-anticipated Star Wars TV show.

The release schedule for all episodes of The Mandalorian Season 1 have made their way online. A post to r/TheMandalorianTV made on Friday, October 18 revealed the release schedule and linked back to a seemingly authentic press kit release with a Disney+ masthead and other information about The Mandalorian we already know to be true, like the cast list. While the schedule seems to be legit, Disney has yet to confirm. As such, there is always the chance at this stage in the game the release dates could be adjusted.


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Per the release schedule, there will be eight episodes in Season 1. We already knew this, just like we knew each episode will be an hour long in runtime. Disney+ will utilize the weekly release model for episodes, just like network and cable television, versus the binge-friendly model used by Netflix which drops entire seasons into our laps on a specific day.

The Mandalorian release schedule confirms the first episode will be available the same day Disney+ launches, Tuesday, November 12. Things get interesting from there. The second episode will be available three days later on Friday, November 15. From there, episodes will be released every Friday through December 27. Things get a little odd again toward the end of the season when the penultimate episode is released five days after episode 6 on December 18. Fans of the show will then have to wait a little longer because of this since the Season 1 finale airs on December 27. It’s unclear what the reasoning behind some of these release schedule oddities are at this time.

The Mandalorian is poised for success, not only because it’s set within the Star Wars universe but because Disney has exhibited a strong show of faith in renewing it for Season 2 well ahead of the premiere date. Series creator/writer/director Jon Favreau has already revealed he’s gotten to work on the second season, which will ostensibly continue the story laid out in Season 1 as we follow a Mandalorian bounty hunter played by Pedro Pascal in his various missions across the far reaches of the New Republic. The series also stars Giancarlo EspositoTaika WaititiGina CaranoCarl Weathers, and Werner Herzog.

Here’s the official release schedule for every episode of The Mandalorian Season 1 below:

  • Episode 1: November 12
  • Episode 2: November 15
  • Episode 3: November 22
  • Episode 4: November 29
  • Episode 5: December 6
  • Episode 6: December 13
  • Episode 7: December 18
  • Episode 8: December 27

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