Tom Brady, 41, ‘Confident’ He’ll Win 6th Super Bowl With Patriots: ‘Nothing Is Going To Spook Him’

Tom Brady, 41, ‘Confident’ He’ll Win 6th Super Bowl With Patriots: ‘Nothing Is Going To Spook Him’

Tom Brady is using the Patriots’ ‘underdog’ status as ‘fuel,’ HL has EXCLUSIVELY learned. Here’s why the glass is more than half full for the Patriots’ quarterback.

Tom Brady, 41, is arriving at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on Feb. 3 to dominate — there’s no other option for the New England Patriots quarterback. As this has been Tom’s third consecutive Super Bowl, he “realizes there is a lot of people that hate that and would love nothing more than to have the Patriots lose,” a source close to Tom and the Patriots EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. But Tom is prepared for the heckling — even welcoming it — as our source says that “Tom and the team are using that as fuel for their preparation because they know people consider them underdogs and so many people are against them winning, so that is all Tom needs to be prepared for the game.”

Despite Tom’s impressive Super Bowl record (5-3), EA SPORTS Madden NFL 19 released its Super Bowl LIII simulation on Jan. 28, which predicted the Los Angeles Rams will overcome the Patriots for the Vince Lombardi Trophy. And fans know how accurate Madden NFL can be with these forecasts. Even though the Patriots are being set up as the underdog team, Tom “can’t wait to get on the field because he is confident he will win his sixth NFL championship,” our source says.

“He is more than ready and prepared and he can’t wait for this week to fly by so he get on the field with his team and bring another championship to Boston and New England! He is ready, nothing is going to spook him, he is familiar with the process of the week and knows exactly what he is getting into,” the insider continues. And we’d like to point out that it was Tom who led the Patriots to its first Super Bowl victory during the NFL’s 2001 season!

Tom’s thirst for a sixth NFL championship title is real, as he still mourns each loss, even with five wins under his belt. “All these losses are tough. Every one that you have you remember forever,” the quarterback said on The Mut & Callahan Show on Jan. 28. Reflecting on the Patriots’ loss to the Philadelphia Eagles last year, Tom continued, “This is a new team, new season and it is a different game. Certainly, because it happened just a year ago you still remember some of those emotions as opposed to 12 years ago when we lost in ’07. Those are still a little bit fresh.”

The NFL star also said you’ll “kick yourself for the rest of your life” if “you don’t perform to your best.” It sounds like Tom’s laying the pressure on himself big time, making us even more anxious for this Sunday’s game. But if the Patriots fall short, will Tom be too heartbroken to return to the field? We’ve also got Tom’s prospects on playing in the 2019-20 season!

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