Trump says ‘deaths are way down’ on day FL, TX, CA report record COVID-19 deaths

Trump says ‘deaths are way down’ on day FL, TX, CA report record COVID-19 deaths

In a wide-ranging interview on Hannity Thursday night, President Trump claimed that COVID-19 related deaths are decreasing even as California, Texas, and Florida all set single-day records for deaths.

“We have a mortality rate, think of this, that’s ten-fold better than any other—what we’re doing is incredible,” Trump said. “If you look, you’ve heard the numbers: Ten-fold. We have fewer people dying.”

According to Johns Hopkins University, the U.S. has one of the higher death rates in the world. Despite that, Trump continued to push the narrative that COVID-19 related deaths are going down, while at the same time lamenting the media’s focus on new cases, even as states across the country are seeing increased positivity rates.

“A lot of very good things have happened. A lot of really good things. We’re doing a great job,” Trump said. “But the testing is just showing up all these cases, and if you turn the news on you’ll see it’s always the word ‘cases.’ They don’t talk about death, because deaths are way down. They talk about cases. All the time, cases.”

And though the U.S. death toll from the coronavirus recently surpassed 130,000, and on our current course tens of thousands more are projected to die over the coming months, Trump alleges most people have nothing to worry about.

“Those cases get better,” Trump said, “and they, in most cases, in almost—I mean literally in most cases, they automatically cure. They automatically get better.”

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