Ubisoft announces ‘Hyper Scape’, a battle royale with Twitch integration

Ubisoft announces ‘Hyper Scape’, a battle royale with Twitch integration

Ubisoft has announced a new multiplayer battle royale game titled Hyper Scape, which aims to be the future of interactive streaming.

Hyper Scape is a free-to-play shooter and is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One, however no release date has been announced.

The brand new IP will follow similar traits to the genre such as the constantly shrinking map, high player count and choosing where to land. New elements have been added into the mix to attempt to set Hyper Scape aside from other games in the genre.

The main new feature is the games integration with Twitch which aims to provide a difference experience for both the player and viewers. Audiences will be able to influence elements of the game in various ways.

Viewers will be able to vote on in-game events such as creating low gravity or gifting all players unlimited ammo. A battle pass will also be available for the game which players can level up by watching streams of the game and it will also be possible to join the squads of streamers.

Check out the announcement trailer below:

A technical test has begun on PC today (July 2) and will run until July 7. Players can receive access by watching streams of Hyper Scape via Twitch and being awarded entry to the game.

Outside of the streaming feature, players will be able to utilise abilities such as invisibility and a slam ability to deal damage to opponents from above. The map will also be susceptible to changes as areas glitch out, causing parts of the map to be erased.

The aim is to be the last player standing and outside of eliminating all enemies, it’s possible for players to achieve victory by obtaining a crown placed in the map and possessing it for 45 seconds.

In a news post on Ubisoft’s website the official description reads: “It’s 2054 and technology is everywhere. It helps people survive the day-to-day grind – from neural networks to cybernetic augmentations to burgeoning AIs – but for the bottom 90%, living is tough. Many work for mega corporations to survive – these are the lucky ones”.

“There is only one way to rise to the top…one way to change your lot in life and achieve something better: Win the crown in an intense battle royale in the virtual world of Hyper Scape”.

In related news, Amazon recently released a multiplayer shooter titled Crucible, which has returned to a closed beta format less than two months later. The developer Relentless Games announced that the reason for this was to “focus on providing the best possible experience for our players”.

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