Vampire Weekend LP4 Coming In 2019

Vampire Weekend LP4 Coming In 2019

Lest there was any doubt (since it’s now November), Vampire Weekend’s much-anticipated fourth album is not coming out until 2019. Next month, Ezra Koenig is participating in a talk with GQ and in the magazine’s announcement of the event, they note that his band’s album will be dropping next year. They also tease that Koenig will “tell the stories behind the band’s songs (including the ones on their upcoming album).”

It’s been a long time coming for the group’s follow-up to 2013’s Modern Vampires Of The City. This year Vampire Weekend returned to the spotlight and the stage after a couple years in hibernation, playing Father’s Day shows and debuting new music live over the last few months. Koenig’s also shared periodic updates on the album along the way, the latest being that it was being mastered back in August.

In the time since Vampire Weekend’s third album, Koenig also became a father. Dad-rock incoming!

More info about GQ’s Koenig event can be found here.

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