‘Veep’s Julia Louis Dreyfus Returns as Selina Meyer For a Very Real New Interview

‘Veep’s Julia Louis Dreyfus Returns as Selina Meyer For a Very Real New Interview

Veep may have wrapped for good in May but the show’s fictional president, Selina Meyer (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus in an award-winning performance), isn’t done with the spotlight yet. The protagonist of the critically-acclaimed HBO series is back for more, giving a very real and totally not fake and silly and ultimately genius new interview to promote the audiobook A Woman First: First Woman.

Yes, the audiobook is real and yes, Louis-Dreyfus narrated as Selina Meyer because duh, we need Selina’s thoughts out here for all the world to see. The audiobook documents Selina’s first year in the Oval Office, which fans of Veep got a front-row seat to while the show was on the air. Since presidential memoirs are a proven hit and in a bid to legitimize the audiobook, A Woman First: First Woman has been submitted for consideration for a Grammy.


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In an effort to promote the audiobook, Selina (okay, okay, it was really Louis-Dreyfus as Selina but let me live!) sat down with Billboard to discuss the audiobook, including why she loves the medium and what it was like making it happen. The entire interview is a work of comedic genius — not a surprise considering this is Veep-related — and reminds us why Selina is arguably one of the best TV characters in recent history.

Need proof this interview is absolutely perfect? Consider the answer Selina gives to the first question, “Do you like audiobooks?”

“Oh my gosh, you will not find a bigger fan of audiobooks than Selina Meyer. I love all things audio.”

And now, have a gander at her response to the second interview question, “What audiobooks have you actually listened to?”

“I don’t ever actually listen to any audiobooks per se, as the business of this nation keeps me so busy. But if I were to listen to any you can bet I would be listening to something by Isabel Allende, an important Latina author who works in the magical realist tradition. And of course Maya Angelou. She is my favorite living author.”

This. Is. Too. Good. And things only get better from there. A little further on in the conversation, the topic of music comes up and whether or not Selina is a fan of it.

“Classical, jazz, and Billy Joel who played at my Inauguration. Not jazz actually. And I don’t like headphones. The people who are wearing them don’t listen to you. And I’m sorry if that is a politically incorrect thing to say these days, but I find them very rude.”

As the conversation winds down, Selina leaves the Billboard readers with this comment and if it doesn’t convince you to read the entire interview, I don’t know what will:

“As a lifelong reader of Billboard magazine, I just want to congratulate it on its 125th anniversary— wait, what? That can’t be right. Anyway, congratulations Billboard magazine on all your many accomplishments.”

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