Vernon Maxwell Talks About His “Must-Follow” Twitter Account

Vernon Maxwell Talks About His “Must-Follow” Twitter Account

I just feel like it’s his time. He’s been on the bench as an assistant coach for 15 years [Cassell started coaching in 2009]. I get tired of these owners and general managers, they just recycle all these goddamn coaches. You’ve gotta try something new. You’ve gotta give them a chance to see what they can do, and I don’t think that’s fair to guys like Sam. They need to give him a chance and a legit shot. Let him bring in his people that he wants and I think he’ll do fine. He’s ready now.

You played with Sam and know him well. What about him makes you believe he’ll be an effective head coach?

He’s been on the sideline behind great coaches. I know Doc hasn’t been finishing series the way he should but Doc is a great coach. Sam is a jolly personality. He’ll keep the team upbeat. I think he’ll do real well with the Rockets, with the guys that they have on a team. They should probably bring in a big, though. That’s first and foremost. Gotta get him a big. But other than that I think he’ll do a great job because he’s a people person and he’ll be just fine if given the opportunity.

James Harden hasn’t been able to get over the hump in Houston. Does he need to play differently or change anything about his approach?

I love James Harden. That’s my guy. I can’t say nothing bad about him. He’s the franchise guy. He does what he do. He gets buckets. I think you’ve got to continue letting him be him. You can’t say all of a sudden, ‘OK James you need to start passing’. Nah nah. You made that bed so now you’ve gotta lay in it. James Harden’s gonna be James Harden. He’s a great competitor, very articulate guy. Other guys gotta step up around him. They also weren’t gonna beat the Lakers, man. Let’s be 1000 about it. They weren’t gonna beat the Lakers.

What do you think about the possibility of them trading James Harden?

That’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard. That’s crazy as hell. I mean you’re gonna move the best player on your team? I don’t have any problem with Westbrook either. I love him, too. I love his motor. He’s gonna play hard every night.

They pay these guys and then they talk about how they don’t do what they suppose to do, but in today’s NBA, they look at this “upside” shit too much for me. Everything is “upside.” They don’t go off what a man is doing right now today. They don’t go on that. They just go on that upside shit. When I played,Houston told me you have to do that shit again, what you did last year, then you’ll get your money. There was no “upside.” It’s just different now, but they paid those guys. They made their bed, now they’ve gotta lay in it.

And that would be crazy as hell if they got rid of James Harden. Anybody would love to have James Harden.

How do you think you would’ve handled being in the bubble, from a mental and physical standpoint?

Man I can adapt to anything. If I’m getting paid the millions they’re getting paid nowadays I’m good with it. Shit, we can play under the ground. Shit, I’ll be right. Just give me my money and I’ll play hard, I’ll run through a wall for you. Those guys get paid crazy amounts, so you’re just going into a bubble for two months, three months? Man, come on. I can miss my wife. My family. It’ll be hard but I’ll be able to do it. Those guys make crazy money. In one year they make more than I made in my whole career. I love the game so much. I would never, ever disrespect the game. So it wouldn’t be a problem with me. I just love playing basketball and I love competing against somebody in another jersey that’s not my color.

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