Viola Davis Fiercely Defends Meryl Streep: She’s ‘Earned The Right’ To Call Out Trump

Viola Davis Fiercely Defends Meryl Streep: She’s ‘Earned The Right’ To Call Out Trump,

It’s all about girl power! Viola Davis is the latest celebrity to stand behind Meryl Streep’s emotional yet controversial Golden Globes speech, claiming she’s ‘earned the right’ to call out Donald Trump. Find out why Viola is defending her, right here!

Well behaved women seldom make history, right? RIGHT! As one of the most influential women in Hollywood, Meryl Streep, 67, has a duty to speak for the masses and represent her community. While some may disagree with her perspective on Donald Trump‘s, 70, presidency, Viola Davis, 51, is standing by her side. “She told me she was going to piss off some people of so I was bracing for impact, I love it,” said Viola the night of the Golden Globes on Jan. 8. “I feel like anyone who was the mouthpiece of anything progressive, whether it was Martin Luther King or John F. Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi or whatever, pissed people off.”

We couldn’t have said it any better! People who consistently refuse to push the envelope will never be the face of change or progress. Life should be about taking chances and ruffling feathers, which is exactly what Meryl did. The Iron Lady star moved celebs like Ryan Gosling to tears because of her brutally honest take on the current political situation. Donald aside, Meryl preached for a more empathetic world with less violence, anger, and hate. Meryl has 100% earned the right to call out the business mogul, especially after all she’s done for this world.

Meryl Streep — Pics Of The Incredible Actress

And since Donald thinks Meryl is “over-rated,” let’s take a look back at all of her epic achievements. The former Devil Wears Prada villain possesses 3 academy awards, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Kennedy Center Honor, degrees from FOUR Ivy League universities, and Cannes Film Festival Best Actress. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Donald.

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