Wendy Williams ‘Living Her Best Life’ Since Split From Hubby Kevin Hunter: ‘She Hung On Way Too Long’

Wendy Williams ‘Living Her Best Life’ Since Split From Hubby Kevin Hunter: ‘She Hung On Way Too Long’

Wendy Williams has moved past her bad days following her divorce filing. The host has turned all of her energy into making herself happy, and now she’s truly living her best life. Wendy’s clearly ‘winning’, and her new life is damn good!

Wendy Williams, 54, is winning in all aspects of life! The newly single host has finally figured it all out after filing for divorce from her husband of nearly 22 years, Kevin Hunter, on April 10. Now, there isn’t anything that can get in the way of her newfound happiness. “Wendy is a true warrior. It’s been a battle, but she’s rising above the pain of losing her marriage and she is winning,” a source close to the daytime host tells HollywoodLife, EXCLUSIVELY. “Once she stopped fighting to save her marriage and accepted that it was truly over, she turned all of her energy toward building her new life and it’s been such a huge shift,” the insider says, adding, “She’s so much happier now and she truly feels like she’s living her best life, now.”

While the outspoken talk show host is clearly happier these days, she has zero regrets about how her martial situation turned out.  “It’s not that she regrets marrying Kevin — not in a million years. She has her son and many happy memories that she would never trade,” the source explains. However, she does feel like she could’ve handled some things a bit differently.

“The marriage should have ended some time ago. She hung on way too long,” the insider admits. “Now that the weight of trying to hold it all together has lifted off of her, she can see how heavy it really was, and how it was dragging her down. She feels so much lighter now in every way. The bad days are over and Wendy is once again feeling hopeful and happy.”

Wendy’s been open about her single life since news of her divorce broke in early April. She’s been sharing intimate details about her very active dating life, along with more sultry snaps from her nights out on the town in New York City. And, she revealed that she went on two dates in one night on May 18. Sadly, it’s unknown who the lucky suitors were.

The host has since moved out of the New Jersey home she once shared with Kevin. Wendy is now residing in what she calls her “bachelorette pad” in New York City with the ex-couple’s 18-year-old son, Kevin Jr. Wendy’s divorce came just weeks after she announced that she had been living in a sober home for addiction in Queens, NY for a portion of February and March.

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